Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Register as a New Consignor

We have had lots of questions on how to become a consignor and we wanted to try to give you some clear steps to sign up.

Step 1 Go to our website www.kiddykatsevent.com

Step 2 Click on "How to Become a Participant"


Step 3
The next screen you will see will look like this:
New Participant Registration

If you plan on using the computer entry/barcoding system (which we highly recommend!) Click on “New Participant Registration”

(If you plan on using handwritten 3x5 cards, click on “Contact Shelia” and send an email to Sheila requesting a Consignor number.)

Step 4
Now, the next screen you will see is your registration screen.

Provide us with this basic information and click “Submit”.

Step 5
We will contact you with your information!

We are looking forward to seeing all our new consignors at our fall sale!