1. Is there a limit on number of items you can bring?
No, we have increased retail space to allow more items, although please limit items to your best!
2. How should I price my items?
We suggest 20%-30% of retail value. The brand and appearance of the item should be considered during pricing. Baby equipment, furniture and large indoor/outdoor toys usually sell for more and are in high demand. We will have an abundance of 0-24 months sizes, so they must be priced competitively in order to sell.
3. How much do I earn?
Participants earn 70% of their sales.
4. How can I increase my profits?
There are numerous opportunities to increase your percentage based on volunteer hours and recruiting additional participants. For specifics contact us as soon as possible.
5. What sizes are accepted?
Girls - Newborn through 14 junior*
Boys - Newborn through 36 jeans XL shirt
(*limit junior and young men sizes to name brand only)
Maternity - all sizes
6. What type items are accepted?
Any items that deal with children and young teens!
Spring/summer sale - swimwear, Dance costumes, lightweight jackets, blue jeans, summer apparel, Formal/Pageant wear, Maternity, shoes (limit 5pr), baby gear, toys and accessories
Fall/winter sale - winter apparel, winter jackets, blue jeans, Halloween costumes, Holiday wear, maternity, shoes (limit 5 pr), baby gear, toys and accessories
Accepted for both sales- Blue jeans, light weight jackets, Dance
costumes, Formal/Pageant wear, toys, bedding, baby gear, Maternity, videos, games, DVD's, underwear, socks, hair bows, purses, tennis shoes
7. How can I shop early?
Our participants and workers shop first. You do not have to sell items in order to work a shift and shop the workers pre-sale party.
8. Will I get my hangers back?
Yes! We do not sell hangers with the clothing. We like to recycle them back to our participants. At the end of the sale or midweek of the sale you may bring a bag and pick up some hangers to use for the next sale.
9. What methods of payment are accepted?
Cash/personal check (with proper ID) All sales are Final!
10. As a consignor, when do I get my money?
Handwritten cards/ our goal is 2 weeks after the sale!
Computer Barcoding/ our goal is 2 days after the sale!
11. Can I still use handwritten 3x5 cards
Yes, we are allowing handwritten cards and barcoding for the next few sales.We know that you are going to LOVE the computer entry so much that eventually we will require only barcoded tagging.

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