Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to sell all your shoes!

Kiddy Kats shoppers love to shop the clothes, they love to shop the toys...and they LOVE to shop and talk about the CUTEST shoes they got at great prices! I still remember buying a pair of NEW Nikes for my little girl for $5! I've bought 1,000's of items since then, but that great deal just sticks in my mind!

If you're selling shoes then most likely you don't want them back. You have to put a little time into bagging them and labeling them...and you want someone else to take them home! Make sure you follow these guidelines and then they are sure to go:

1) Don't bring shoes with scuffed toes.
2) Don't bring shoes with discolored soles.
3) Clean the dirt out of the soles of your tennis shoes and cleats.
Shoppers want to buy shoes that look like they haven't been worn!
4) Label shoes with your consignor number and price. When people inspect these or try them on, they may get separated, if they do, we can still sell them because you have them labeled and we'll know whose they are.
5) Put tags on the shoes.
6) Put shoes in a zip loc so they won't be separated in the laundry baskets during the heavy shoe shopping.

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