Sunday, July 25, 2010

50 days till Fall Sale!

We are so excited about those of you who have started tagging and inputting your items for the fall sale!  To get the most out of our sale it takes a lot of time and effort.  We appreciate all the hard work each of you do to contribute to a great sale.  We have added a new link to our website that we are especially thrilled about.  For those of us who have sore fingers from all those safety pins, this is an alternative.  This site offers a great tagging gun with supplies for a reasonable price (7.99) with free shipping!  After searching around for the best deal this site offered the best price and had sold to several sales in the neighboring states with great references.  I have just gotten my tagging gun in the mail and am excited about how much easier this seems than the safety pins.  For those of you who have one let me know what you think about using them.  Check out the website we have changed the times for some of the sale days and for Monday pick up day....we hope this benefits us all.  Look forward to seeing and working with each of you at the sale!

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