Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tips & Tricks to Tagging

Hello again all you beautiful consignors!  The sale drop off dates begin one month from today and we thought it would be helpful to just remind you of a few tips and tricks that make things easier for consignors, shoppers and workers.  Keep these tips in mind when tagging your items.

  • When tagging shoes please take the time to secure them with a wire tie that can be purchased at most stores (big lots has a bag of 50 for less than 2 dollars ) it really helps shoes stay together.
  • When using the tagging gun, please make sure to put the needle through the actual tag or in an inconspicuous place. The guns can cause tiny holes if just placed in the fabric of some items.
  • Please be sure to list the tag name as the first name in the description. This eliminates lost tag because the system pulls up the item immediately.
  • Do not double tag your items due to the fact that someone will pull your tag to purchase the item and then someone else will pull the other tag and think the item is still for sale. Especially on items that are to big to carry off the sales floor right away.
  • Use masking tape and write your consignor number on bigger items ,toys, stroller and baby furniture or any items that may be handled or played with frequently.  Tape this number on the bottom or inside the item. This helps if the tag falls off and we can't remember the owner.  We can use the number to look up and reprint the tag.
  • It is always important to use a clear concise descriptions.  Use color, size, and brand name because we may have the same item brought by many different consignors.
  • Please separate parts and pieces to toys (nuts and bolts) in a clear bag with the instructions to what it belongs to.  We want to keep all toy parts in a crate behind the checkout.  Too many kids open bags and loose toy parts.  Hand write on the tag that additional pieces are at checkout.  We can also do this at drop off.  After many sales we realize that kids can open and rip anything and shoppers can get home without all the peices!
  • If you haven't already please check out our work times available we really couldn't do the sale without your help .... We can usually accommodate anyone's schedule!
  • ADVERTISE! ADVERTISE! ADVERTISE! to everyone you know.  Facebook, twitter or email our event.  Share the link to this blog.  It's amazing how many check us out just because YOU post our event on your page!
  • We always want to improve each sale so please continue to send us your comments and suggestions on any problems you encounter.

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